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How to Live Blog via SMS

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2013 04:02PM PST
In addition to using the Wordpress interface to make a live blog post, you can post to a live blog post via SMS from your phone.  Keep in mind that any messaging fees from your phone provider will apply to this method.  Before you can live post via SMS, however, you need to properly set up your Wordpress user account.  Once you have done that, you are ready to live blog via SMS.

To Live Blog Entirely via SMS
  1. Send messages from your phone to 1-415-702-0916.  Begin your first message with #new Your Post Title.  The post will be created and posted automatically to your blog.

  2. You can add to your live blog post by sending texts from your phone with the command #comment Your Comment Here. Anything you type after the #comment line is what becomes the body of your update

  3. There are many other "commands" you can execute via SMS on your live blog...text #help to receive the full list
    • #new – Starts a new post with the title of anything you type after "#new"
    • #status – Sends you the name and URL of the post you're currently updating
    • #list – Sends you a numbered list of your five most recent posts
    • #more – Sends you the next five most recent posts.
    • #update [n] – Switches to updating the post with the number corresponding to n
    • #comment – Posts a comment with anything you type after #comment as the comment body

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